Daily briefing 6/5/20


The UK now has the highest official death toll in Europe, highlighting devastating government failings in its response to the pandemic as Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth says that Labour would have introduced measures sooner.

Scottish tenants’ union Living Rent have called on the Scottish government to legislate to ensure that appropriate standards of communal hygiene are upheld across all social housing.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan comes out in support of a post-crisis UBI to aid recovery.


Tomorrow at 8pm The World Transformed and Verso Books hold the first of a fortnightly series on a history of socialists within and outside of the Labour Party from 1945 to today with Leo Panitch and Tariq Ali discussing “Searching for Socialism: From the spirit of 1945 to new forms of public ownership.”

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Three reflections on temporalities of Coronavirus and how the pandemic is warping our experience of time:

Yali Banton-Heath argues that “Lockdown Is Revealing the Need for Land Reform in the UK” on Novara.

In Spectre journal, Tithi Bhattacharya and Gareth Dale have an essay on “Covid Capitalism: General Tendencies, Possible ‘Leaps.’

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