Daily briefing 5/5/20


Unions have reacted angrily to leaked documents confirming where the Conservative government’s priorities lie when it comes to easing the lockdown.

TUC General Secretary Frances Grady warns that workers should not rely on the goodwill of employers to keep them safe as they return to return. The TUC has published its own proposals on how to ensure a safe return to work.

Unison says that the government is still failing residents and carers in care homes on PPE.

Nonetheless, trust in governments around the world, and especially in the British government, has risen during the pandemic, according to an update from the Edelman Trust Barometer.

On May Day, security officers at the University of London secured a significant victory as they were brought back on in-house contracts.

The New Economics Foundation has issued a briefing on how to protect renters from eviction during the pandemic.


The World Transformed’s weekly zoom call tonight at 8pm is devoted to “Kick Up the Arts: Arts and Culture During and After Coronavirus” with a line-up of speakers including Paul Fleming (Labour councillor in Southwark and Equity’s Central London Theatres Organiser), Clara Paillard (President of the Public and Commercial Services Union’s Culture Group Branch), Chris, Anahi and Anna (Organisers for United Voices of the World’s Design and Cultural Workers Branch), Dana Ruh (DJ, producer and owner of KMA60 record shop in Berlin), and Stephen Pritchard (Movement for Cultural Democracy).

New articles, podcast episodes, and resources

“Into the Black Box,” a collective research into logistics, spaces, and labour has a reading list for “Radical Thinking in the Time of Pandemic” covering everything from geopolitics to social reproduction in multiple languages.

Grace Blakeley argues that “Britain is ready for radical policies, but the Labour Party isn’t” and needs to catch up.

In two international dispatches for Novara, Thomas McClure reports from Rojava and Nina Steinhardt from north-eastern Syria.

Yesterday was Firefighters’ Memorial Day. FBU General Secretary Matt Wrack reminds us that the deaths of firefighters are tragedies but they are not inevitable.

In Roar Magazine, Neil Vallelly speculates about what kind of world we’ll be in after the pandemic: “post-capitalist nightmare or socialist awakening?

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