Daily briefing 4/5/20


ASOS workers fight for their safety at work.

From May Day, a report on wildcat strikes that have been taking place across Britain during the pandemic looks at what leverage workers have and how these disputes can be resolved.

In France last week, trade unions won a legal battle against Amazon.

Pressure is building on Keir Starmer to rethink his opposition to Universal Basic Income as economist Guy Standing adds his voice to the chorus calling for a UBI pilot. Labour instead continues to demand more details of plans for exiting the lockdown with calls for a roadmap for reopening schools, even as the NEU issues five tests that must be met before schools should reopen and members of the public remain opposed to lifting the lockdown prematurely.


Join socialists in the US for a study group on the thought of Sylvain Lazarus which meets four times over the course of this month.

New articles, podcast episodes, and resources

The UK Student Climate Network has launched the new “Podcast for Planet.” In the first episode Scarlett Westbrook talks about the Green New Deal.

Fever is a repository of texts on class struggle under pandemic, forging ties with international proletarian comrades around the world.

Lockdown Cinema, the new socialist online cinema, launches with The Big Meeting, a documentary about the Durham Miners’ Gala—thanks to a tip from the People’s Chancellor.

Rosa Gilbert writes about “The Political Fallout from Italy’s Coronavirus Crisis” and Alex Foti reports one of the saddest May Days in the country’s history.

Matheus Lock looks at the limits of Bolsonarism exposed during the pandemic.

Pandemic Notes” is a collaborative archival project between MayDay Rooms and Chris Jones, a member of Ultra-red and Southwark Notes, to preserve the feelings and practical effects generated by the pandemic. You are invited to submit both written and audio contributions.

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