Daily briefing 18/5/20

At the Virtual Social Centre

The VSC Daily Briefing has been run now for 8 weeks since 23 March. Taking a leaf out of James Butler’s book, the daily briefer is going to take a little holiday this week to get a few lie-ins and also to develop a sustainable model for when the Daily Briefing returns next week.

Here’s a couple of items to leave our readers on a hopeful note for the future:

  • Grace Blakeley makes the case for the Green New Deal to put public good above private profit in reclaiming the world after COVID-19.

If you have a suggestions for resources we should post, especially about health and safety in workplaces, or for questions you want answered, please let us know. Also get in touch if you have ideas for political education events you’d like to host or stories you’d like to tell about workplace or social struggles.

But until we’re back: stay home, save lives, and join a union!