Community Mutual Aid

Caring for one another

The rapid growth of local mutual aid groups is a grass roots humanitarian response to the absence of clear government guidance and social provision as the UK enters into the Covid-19 crisis. As well as providing direct support (in material, physical, and psychological terms) to the most vulnerable within our communities, they present a new form—or to be more precise, a hidden and submerged form of sociality—one predicated on kindness and solidarity as opposed to competition and individualisation. As the financial crisis continues to unravel, buried just below the headlines, the example of mutual aid groups will hopefully inspire and then maintain the social bonds necessary to tie together a movement fighting for a better world.

“There is a gap in the time that comes: we could get out of it by imagining a possibility that until yesterday seemed unthinkable: redistribution of income, reduction of working time. Equality, frugality, abandonment of the growth paradigm, investment of social energies in research, education, health” (Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi).

Mutual aid groups

Momentum searchable map of mutual aid groups—MyCampaignMap repurposed to help beat Coronavirus

List of COVID-19 mutual aid groups

List of mutual aid groups by location

Guide to establishing a COVID-19 mutual aid group

Channel for COVID-19 mutual aid group admins—for support and avoiding instrumentalisation sign up to join

ACORN (grassroots community and tenants union) community support

Women’s Strike Assembly—growing national network of self-organised groups

Food security

Cooperation Town

National Food Service

Independent Food Aid Network

Trussell Trust food banks

FoodCycle takeaway service

Soup kitchens and homeless day centres in London

Government information on free-school meals

Statement from SUSTAIN on food insecurity

Ideas about local action

Post on community organising—from Clr Laura Smith

How councils can help—from Clr James McAsh

Mutual Aid FAQs

If you have a question that it is not already answered fill out this form and we shall endeavour to research the answer.

How can I help?

We encourage all comrades who can to join a local group listed above, or, if your location isn’t covered, to start your own.

If you are self-isolating you can still offer help over the phone or online.

Your local mutual aid group will have programmes and suggestions for how to help out in your local community. Remember that if you want to help vulnerable neighbours, you should take suitable precautions (e.g. not opening the door) to protect their health.

You can also make donations to food banks (which will also need donated food), to homeless shelters, community kitchens, and mental health and social care charities.

How can I request help if I am in an at-risk group or otherwise self-isolating?

Contact your local mutual aid group or contact Covid Mutual Aid who can try to help you connect with your local group, but please bear in mind that they are receiving large volumes of enquiries at present and may not be able to get back to you quickly.